Book / 16-page, 5.5 in × 8.5 in
This booklet is an “identity book,” called Buy one get one free. Like others, I have a dual personality. There are two poems that I wrote in the book. When I was 12, my father gave me Haizi’s poems, a collection of Haizi’s lyrics as my birthday gift. The book has greatly influenced me since then. Haizi is my father of poetry.

Poster / 594 mm × 841 mm
In the second part, we studio mates exchanged our booklets and then designed a poster to respond to the content of the book which we got. I summarized the sentence “Your red could be my blue” from the book Reflection of Ash. The story of my poster tells that both mainland China and Taiwan have a palace museum. These two museums are representers of Chinese culture and witnesses of history. After the Chinese Civil War, the winner Communist party (represented in red) stayed in the mainland, and the loser Nationalist Party (represented in blue) backed to Taiwan. As time goes by, we have tons of differences, even if we are all Chinese. So, we would have a different point of view for the same event, as well as a different expression for the same thing, because of our diverse background, not to mention the long-term isolation and hostile relationship with the mainland and Taiwan. However, people on both sides are mixing now. Just like a mixture of red and blue will be purple.

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