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The course project is “Color story.” In the beginning, I designed a large red book. But I was not satisfied with it. Because I felt it probably lacked connection with people around me. Then I went in the opposite direction: to make a small red book. The new red book collects at least 200 questions from my studio mates about questions to ask Chinese people. To some extent, the little red book echos the previous big red book. I enjoyed the process.

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Previous Red Book / 40-page, 465.4 mm × 550 mm
Through the experience of living in China and the USA, I found there are a lot of differences between Chinese and American. I showed these differences in our daily life via a “forbidden book.” Red is the most appropriate color to represent China, and I want to use this iconic form (stereotype) against the stereotype. About the size of the book, the distance from east to west in the contiguous U.S. 48 states is 4,654 km, and the distance from north to south in China is 5,500 km. Then I converted them to the millimeter.

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